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We give you a platform to build common cause with the UN, creating your own projects and partnerships in connection with the UN global system. If your passion is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or the Sustainable Development Goals or any special issue, we provide a place for you to lift your voice and lead work with experts, agencies and action plans of the UN. Here you can promote what you believe for global human rights, peace/security or socioeconomic development. Use our 35th Street location to transform your UN passion and priorities into social actions or technical solutions.

Programming Updates

PLACES – lead your own project that celebrates public sector services anyplace in the world (refugee camp, community, city, nation, region, planet), honoring place-based government structures that respond to challenges from sustainable development to social protections.

ECCE – click link to learn about the mission and model of the new campaign for economic community and how to build support for community-owned enterprises.

More info: unga at ccny dot org