You identify with the world. Your values are global and we are here to help you. Join our office.

We give you a platform to build common cause with the UN. We provide physical and virtual spaces for you to lift your voice and lead work with UN experts and action plans.

We offer institutional resources and recognition as you create projects and partnerships in coordination with the UN system. We support your interests in the SDGs, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or another international justice issue of your choosing.

Improve your efforts and impacts on global human rights, social/economic development or peace/security.

Imagine yourself with an institutional address near the UN as you organize passionate social actions or technical solutions.

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What is your UNGA purpose?

SDGs – Launch a new project focused on one (or more) of the Sustainable Development Goals that have inspired you to take action and can inspire a movement. The latest report, see link – SDG Progress Report

CLIMATE ACTION – Launch a new project that mobilizes individual actions or institutional alliances that expand participation in confronting the climate emergency.

SURVIVAL – Launch a new project to celebrate social protections by governments anywhere in the world that deliver strong remedies for people involving healthcare, housing or hunger.

SOCIAL JUSTICE – Launch a new project that witnesses civil rights in any global context through a lens of power and groups that are historically marginalized or minorities struggling under dominant structures.

ECONOMIC JUSTICE – Launch a new project that collaborates with the ECCE campaign for economic communities and community-owned enterprises.

MULTILATERALISM – Launch a new project that lifts up principles of multinational agreements, alliances, treaties and partnerships as a practical prerequisite for the common good.

More info: unga at ccny dot org