You believe in multiculturalism. You love the world’s diversity, complexity and interdependence.

We are looking for your global perspective. Join our longstanding program near the UN. We give you a platform to tell your story and promote your focus on global goods. We have a history of aiding leaders in work with social movements, technical experts, civil society alliances and international agendas.

Let us provide resources to help your leadership on the SDGs, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or another international justice issue of your choosing.

IMAGINE yourself as part of an institution with ties to the UN as you organize passionate social actions or technical solutions.

IMPROVE your efforts and impacts on human rights, socioeconomic development or global peace/security.


How do you thinK globally? LEAD Your own READing/working GROUP HERE IN MIDTOWN WITH OUR MEMBERS AND GUESTS…
  • UNGA/CMTE – our “Committee” framework is for your creativity with UN work itself, including its authority, power, polity, people, problems, history, calendar, formal agendas and actions
  • UNGA/EQTY – our “Equity” framework is for your creativity with Theory itself, including moral principles, ethics, social theories, economic theories, political theories, discourses, norms or values
  • UNGA/LABS – our “Labs” framework is for your creativity with Practice itself, including civil society organizations, NGOs, public agencies, private entities, pilot projects, associations, networks or investments

Join us in adopting the Comember Networks organizing model for people power 📣 

We are recruiting new leaders who build shared power in networks 📣

Participants who constitute a network's size and value are entitled to their own coordination rights and structures 📣  

Form your own ethics as a system leader alongside participatory global networks that have been selected as Honorary Fellows 📣 

🌐 WIEGO see site 
🌐 NAMATI see site



SDGs – Build an organization to promote any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and support public awareness and actions – SDG Progress Report

CLIMATE ACTION – Build an organization to mobilize individual or institutional participation in confronting the climate emergency.

DAILY SURVIVAL – Build an organization to celebrate social protections by governments anywhere that produce remedies involving healthcare, housing or hunger.

ANTI-RACISM – Build an organization that works to dismantle racism in ourselves and our institutions anywhere and to defeat the evil of white supremacy globally.

SEXUALITY – Build an organization to help LGBTQ groups or individuals denied rights, freedoms and protections under state, religious or ideological restrictions anywhere.

SECULARISM – Build an organization to promote institutions and values anywhere that protect personal and cultural freedom from religious political power, pressure, indoctrination or theocracy.

SOLIDARITY – Build an organization to promote planetary initiatives, multilateral partnerships, international agreements and new global networks for the common good.

ATROCITY PROTECTION – Build an organization to recognize and address sudden large threats to human security faced by groups and communities anywhere.

ECONOMIC JUSTICE – Build an organization about poverty, inequality and ethical political economy or help the ECCE campaign for economic communities and community-owned enterprises.

Working with HAITI

George connects us to special projects in Haiti… join him here.