You identify with the world. Your values are global and we believe in your work.

We give you a platform to tell your story and make connections. Join our office. We offer physical space near the UN. We have a history of aiding leaders who work with technical experts, civil society alliances and international agendas. Let us promote your interest in the SDGs, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or another international justice issue of your choosing.

IMAGINE yourself with an institutional address near the UN as you organize passionate social actions or technical solutions.

IMPROVE your efforts and impacts on human rights, socioeconomic development or global peace/security.

Leading your own scalable entity

SDGs – Launch a project for one (or more) of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals with help from UN research and materials – SDG Progress Report

CLIMATE ACTION – Launch a project to mobilize individual or institutional participation in confronting the climate emergency.

DAILY SURVIVAL – Launch a project to celebrate social protections by governments anywhere that produce remedies involving healthcare, housing or hunger.

ANTI-RACISM – Launch a project that works to accountably dismantle racism in ourselves and our institutions anywhere and to defeat the evil of white supremacy globally.

SOCIAL JUSTICE – Launch a project for structural liberation to help historically marginalized people or others at risk under domination systems.

ATROCITY PROTECTION – Launch a project to recognize and address sudden large-scale threats to human security faced by groups and communities anywhere.

ECONOMIC JUSTICE – Launch a project about poverty, inequality and ethical political economy or help the ECCE campaign for economic communities and community-owned enterprises.

MULTILATERALISM – Launch a project to promote the principles of multinational agreements, covenants and partnerships for the common good.

UNGA Frameworksworking groups for community groupies and global geeks

  • UNGA/CMTE – our “Committee” framework promotes the UN calendar, official meetings and actions
  • UNGA/EQTY – our “Equality” framework promotes universal principles, ethics, values and ideas
  • UNGA/LABS – our “Labs” framework promotes new structures, new partnerships and new metrics

More info: unga at ccny dot org

Working with HAITI

George is leading special projects in Haiti. Join him here.

Working with JORDAN

Meagan is leading special projects in Jordan. Join her here.